The Finger knife - The knife that makes gutting of moose and elk both quick and safe.

Especially designed to make gutting of moose easier, made of durable high quality materials.

You easily cut open the belly of the moose, regardless of its position.  

You use the fingertip to feel what needs to be cut lose, without risking to penetrate the intestines or injuring yourself. 

At the same time you free your left arm which increases mobility and manoeuvrability during the cutting.


With The Finger knife even those with no prior experience can manage to gut a moose.

The Finger knife is delivered in a durable nylon case that can be attached to your belt.


Price: 40 / 350 NOK / 50 USD / 60 CAN / 28 GBP, including shipment.

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Casing in durable nylon, easy to clean.